Saturday, May 5, 2001

Little Cock Tease

I ran into one of my old teachers today. He said he couldn't believe how I'm all grown up! He remarked that I had always been one of his favorite students.
When I was in his math class, I was such a little cock tease! *giggle* I remember how he would get all red in the face whenever I would catch him standing behind me looking over my shoulder and down my blouse at my little teen breasts! Or how flustered he would get and start stuttering when I would sit on the front row and spread my legs where he could see my bald teen pussy.
My friends and I would do things just to tease him near the end of the class period just so he'd forget to give us any homework. Worked every time! *giggle*
I was so tempted today to rub my hot teen ass up against him or something just to see if he would still get embarrassed. Do you think he would have?
Why don't you call this hot little slut and let's see what kind of effect I can have on you?!

1-800-485-0215 Ext 122
UK Toll-Free 0800-014-8033 Ext 122

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