Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Teen Phone Sex

A guy friend of mine organized a strip poker night in his college dorm room, and invited me and some of my phonesex girlfriends to come play. I was kinda hesitant to go, because I suck at poker. I told him I was a lousy player, but he just insisted that I come anyway. He said it was a lot more fun with a some cute poker rookies!
I have to say, it was a blast, even if I did lose my undies. But I can honestly say that my slutty teen friends weren't any better players than I was. I kept showing my hand, along with a few other things!
The guys played cards a little differently than I learned. They played something called dealer's choice, and the dealer got to decide things like...the guys get more cards than the girls. Is it any wonder that we loss? But I did learn a few new games, and they didn't all involve cards.

But, the good thing about calling me to play, it is never a game of chance; I'm a sure thing. You always win with this little teen phone sex fuck!

Call For No Limits Age Play Phone Sex:

Yahoo Instant Messenger: PhoneBabyGirl


1-800-485-0215 Ext 122
UK Toll-Free 0800-014-8033 Ext 122

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