Monday, September 19, 2011

Incest Phone Sex

I did a naughty Incest Fantasy Roleplay today, and thought you might be interested in hearing about it.
My best friend was spending the night with me when I woke up to find her gone and went looking for her downstairs.
As I peeked over the staircase, I saw her sitting in my daddy's lap, with her little panties pulled to one side, bouncing up and down on his huge daddy dick. Daddy had her nightshirt pulled up and his hands cupped around her perky little boobies, and she looked like she loved having that cock in her tight little cunny.
I couldn't believe it! Daddy was fucking my best friend! But most of all, I wanted daddy to fuck me too! I wanted his huge daddy dick spreading my little fuck box wide open and him sucking on my baby-girl tits.
I watched for awhile, rubbing my little clitty the whole time, until my little girl pussy was just soaking wet, then slipped downstairs so daddy could fuck his little girl too!
Wouldn't you enjoy some Naughty Underage Roleplay with me?

Daddy's Little Girl Phone Sex


1-800-485-0215 Ext 122
UK Toll-Free 0800-014-8033 Ext 122

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